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What We Do


With an extensive knowledge of mechanical services and plant, we provide the best advise you need to determine your route.  We will survey an existing system or discuss a new installation.  We can suggest a range of solutions available to you.  All with the goal to provide the best comfort conditions whilst combining energy efficiency and addressing your environmental concerns.

We will provide a written quotation with full costings.

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With Electrical CAD software we ensure that all our designs are bespoke for any system - but using proven systems and technology.

We ensure that all components are of a high standard for reliability.  We allow spare capacity to provide space for any system expansion - making the system futureproof.


We manufacture all our control panels in our dedicated workshop.  The process will ensure that all components are accessible so that they can be replaced, in the unlikely event of a failure.  Spare space is provided, should an additional item be required in the future.

We carry out a comprehensive testing process, including downloading software into the controller to prove all connections.

The whole process is designed to minimise disruptions and issues on site.



Our installation are all skilled professionals with a conscientious approach to their work.  Each installation is carried out be a dedicated craftsman with responsibility for the whole of the installation.  A tidy installation carried out with full liason and communication.  The site left clean and tidy on completion.  We go the extra mile.


The reliable operation of any control system is completely dependent on the setup of the system ...... particularly the initial commissioning.  We pay particular attention to the peripheral devices, after all without an accurate input or a working valve the rest of the system become irrelevant.

As partners with two of the main names in BMS, our engineers are fully trained for specific systems.  

On completion we carry out witnessing, handover and training procedures.  Completion documentation will be provided.  This gives you the knowledge to obtain the full benefits of your new system.

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Service & Maintenance.

It is a documented fact that 30% of all energy used in buildings is wasted.  There are many reasons for this: - failed plant or peripherals, plant overridden, vandalism and incorrect settings to name a few.  The symptoms are high energy costs and poor occupant comfort.


To address this a maintenance regieme is a good idea.  Used in a proactive approach, issues can be identified as they happen.  A reactive approach can also be taken should a know issue be identified.  Prompt action will provide savings and keep comfort in control.

Our range of services include:-

  • Planned preventative maintenance schedule.

  • Reactive call-out service.

  • Remote assistance.

  • Telephone support 

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